Thursday, January 27, 2011

To The Moon

Why in the world anyone would pick "Space Janitor" as their back up job? Because it's freaking awesome that's why, and this is exactly what my co-worker decided would be his alternate profession.
This coworkers was not thrilled about coming into work around Christmas so I thought I would make him a "coming into work even if you don't want to" survival kit for his present... Including this adorable (if I do say so myself) space custodian figurine.

So Playmobile doesn't make an astronaut figurine or even a janitor... So I had to adapt one of their deep sea diver pieces. Hand painted shirt and sleeves. 
In his full suit he looks pretty astronautical.
With his ring of keys and wrench he's ready for a working day on the space station.
Had to add a dirty else is he gonna keep all those windows clean.
And of course he wouldn't be complete with profession badge and the National Space Custodian Association logo :) 
The completed kit included McDonald Happy Meal cookies, masking tape, OCD hand sanitizer, pretty princess bandaids, Red Bull, Hello Kitty pen, Sharpie pen, Kleenex, staple remover, Space Ice Cream, and of course the little man himself. 

So with everything together it all go wrapped up in a stainless steel box and emblazoned with a big red survival cross (hand painted of course). With a big bow of red tulle this was one of my favorite Christmas presents to make and put together. Now I just need to find more friends with interesting back up job ideas. 

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