Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Love Created.

Ok Ok I know I'm about a month late to be posting things about Valentine's Day, but it has been a chaotic month. I'll catch up within the next week or two. Promise.

This Valentine's Day I really wanted to use my hoards of craft and paper supplies to create something beautiful that my friends and family would love.

This is what I decided on.

The pattern for this card came from Craftzine
I started off printing out the PDF file from the Craftzine website....but unfortunately the template has unsightly black dotted lines that will show up no matter how you fold it. Unless you are so precise in cutting them all out. I decided to use my first cut out as a template, and then trace the design onto my final paper choice (cut inside the lines to get a good fit when the piece is folded. 

After a little wrangling, all the pieces finally came together into a sweet silhouette.  
The template is simple and easy to will need a bone folder or something like it to get the clean edges. I opted for using a slim double sided tape to hold the piece together, glue just doesn't dry fast enough. The card has a great silhouette structure to it, a little forest of love.

Just adding a cute $1 stamp from Michael's makes the an adorable card cover uber-delightfull. 
I added an inscription on the backside of the card...I would suggest doing this before folding. Yeah. I learned that the hard way. 

I loved the idea of using other colors besides red or pink, this one went to my nature loving coworker. Very appropriate green casing and of course the forest hidden inside.
The little peak-through heart window makes this valentine all the more unique.
Now you have a fantastic homemade valentine that anyone would be overjoyed to receive. Check out the full article on Craftzine for ideas on what your recipients could do with this little jem... like frame it?