About Me


Nice to meet you. I hail from the planet Austin deep in the heart of Texas. Our town motto? "Keep Austin Weird". So that is exactly what I plan to do. For me it's not going to be that difficult of a task since I am definitely the self proclaimed weirdo of the group. 

Living in this fun and funky town there are a multitude of creative minds, I'm hoping to integrate myself, burrow in for the long haul. There are also tons of great places that bolster my crafting addiction. Fabric stores and studios, art parks, embroidery clubs. Anything you can think of we've got it....even food truck trailer parks. Booyah! I love Austin :) 

I work two jobs one in the dental field and the other at an art studio. I spend most of my day at work but when I get those few glorious moments at home I like to create. Trust me those moments are few and far between. 

I've lived in several other countries including Taiwan, Korea, India...and visited plenty more. I am very proud to be a Canadian, but if I could apply for citizenship to Austin I would do it in a heart beat. Having lived in Austin for over 12 years it's starting to feel homey. There is just so much to explore. Favorite places... too many to name but if I had to narrow it down here are my top three. 

1. Alamo Drafthouse - Dinner, drinks, movie theater... you had me at Howdy.
2. Stitch Lab - The cutest teal and orange bungalow house on South 1st. Classes on sewing, stitching, embroidery, knitting, screen printing, and endless others. They also sell some of the most adorable fabrics. 
3. Big Top Candy Shop - Just about any candy you could dream of. Bacon gum, Reeses, candy coated crickets...ok that's not one of my picks but you know someone's gotta like them. Nothing like leaving a boutique candy shop with a big bag o' candy. Mmmm.

I hope to bring a little of Austin to the interwebs. Crafting and creating my way to what I hope is an enjoyable blog. Love live my sanity... whats left of it. Enjoy.  

                                                                                       Love ya ;) Ali