Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Color Palette Creation

I saw this photo on Pinterest, originally Pastel Roses by fantazyme on DeviantArt. It gave me a chance to create my own color palette. I used several sites to get together just the right colors from the image. Most that I used would not give me that warm sage color in the upper right corner. So I put two different links together and was given more than enough to assemble the best colors out of all the choices.

I started with CSS Drive - Image to Color Palette creator, this gave me all of the choices. Then I narrowed down the most prevalent with Color Palette generator by DeGraeve.com. With a little PicMonkey Collage magic you have what you see before you. 

Wedding theme colors anyone? 

Also did one with this image, which try as I might I can't find any source information about... sorry.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Writing Process Pencil Chart

A teacher friend of mine saw a Writing Process Pencil Chart on Pinterest and asked if I would be able to make one for her classroom. 

Any chance to craft is good enough for me. I wanted to make it as much like a real pencil as possible. So off to Michael's I went...found some great supplies:

   - Veneer Craft Sheet
   - Black "Graphite" Craft Paper
   - Yellow Card Stock (poster size)
   - Silver Foil Craft Paper (with lines)
   - Red Foam Sheet (adhesive backed)
   - Label Templates
   - Black and White Striped Paper (Martha Stewart - Elegant Witch Collection)
   - Permanent Double Sided Tape, Scissors, etc...

I started out by stretching the templates to elongate them. I found a great free font online (My Own Topher). Nice format, big and readable. Put them together for a streamlined look. Although I thought the Free Write section just screamed for a start burst! 

The labels for each of the processes was printed out and I cut out the black and white paper just a tad larger in the same shape, that gives it a border to stand out from the all yellow back ground. 

I decided that cutting the poster paper to and 11' width, to match the width of all the other standard paper, would be easier than cutting down every other sheet. 

The sparkly lined foil paper, wood veneer sheet, graphite-esqe craft paper tip, foam "rubber eraser". Everything was all "pencil-y" and ready to be laminated. I didn't know how the foam sheet would react in the laminator, so I left it off and cut/attached a template in it's stead, so she could adhere it to the base later. 

Now put it all together and what have you got? An great looking writing process chart ready for her class room! (if I do say so myself :))