Monday, April 4, 2011


What's better than biting into a sweet treat on Valentine's Day. As a rule I try and bake and or make something for just about every holiday. Helps spread the joy and who doesn't love a cupcake? 

While cruising the internet for fabulous valentine ideas I came across this gem from Bake it in a Cake. What a fantastic surprise for those you love most. Just make sure you have them facing the right way. 

Bake It in a CakeBake a Heart in a Cake

Now I have to say I tried. Diligently. But with limited time and certain unforeseeable circumstances, my cupcakes did not look like this perfectly sweet rendition above. Mine just ended up looking like white cake pots with little pink buds emerging. Needless to say, not perfect. So instead I did what I could with the two dozen fail-cakes I could.

Decoration, it's all about the cover up when it comes to failing. Making something beautiful out of something that just isn't what you expected. 

White chocolate was my cure. With these fantastic neon food colors from McCormick. 

Hearts and swirlys make any cupcake whimsical. You can pipe them out on parchment paper, or wax paper. Attach two pieces together with a small dab of chocolate.

Late night cake decorating gone right :) I was so please to be able to pull this off after my frustrating afternoon of baking.

Three colors, two heart sizes, swirlys...combinations galore.

Some cupcakes for my kin as well, gotta please the family...can you tell I was  running out of icing?
Well not everything in life turns out the way you plan...especially when you start at 7pm and need cupcakes for work in the morning. Baking is not something you can rush, but I have to say the results still got the Oohs and Ahhs I was hoping for. 

Try it for yourselves. I would suggest reading the comments on the Bake It in a Cake article, there are a lot of helpful suggestions on how to tackle some of the mistakes I made.