Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Gracie's Card

I work at a paint your own pottery store...and we "creative consultants" rarely get our recompense. But the other day I was closing down the store and found this little jem tucked in the receipt drawer.

 So of course... I decided to send her a Thank You and You're Welcome card in return. Themed in her favorite thing for the moment... BARBIE. Trust me, this was just as much fun for me as I hope it will be for her. 

I cut a square 9.5" wide x 9" tall. This was actually an envelope I received some time ago, decided to use it as a template. I found an online template that should work just as well. My best suggestion is to draw a 7.25" x 5.25" rectangle in the center. Score along those lines and cut out the triangles that remain. 

I drew out my rough template and picked out paper that I wanted to use.

Sparkly Purple and Hot Pink... is there anything more Barbie? I'm using purple for the envelope...trace with the template and cut out.

Cut a rectangle out of your card paper a little smaller than the one you drew on your envelope piece. 

Design as you please. Just got new artist pens for Christmas, with several widths...YAY. :)

Place your rectangle card inside the envelope. Fold the sides in and then the bottom up. Then fold the top down to create the completed envelope. 

One super sparkly purple envelope ready for the mail. Yes the mailman at my neighborhood PostNet did smile a little when I handed him this seriously effeminate envelope. (I suggest some glue on the seams if it's going through the mail system, just in case.)

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