Thursday, January 20, 2011

Cutest Checkbook

Hate carrying around that atrocious black plastic casing your lackluster bank burdened upon you? Well I certainly think that this might spark your little creative brain. Let your checks travel in style.
Now I must say that this pattern is not mine at all. I actually did a little online research and found this simple yet positively charming check book cover pattern...and don't you dare think you only have to carry your checks in it.  

This is how I spent my crafternoon...
Cut two pieces according to the pattern, one from your choice of internal fabric, and one from external. I like using a fun outer layer and a plain inners, cause you don't really see the inners.  

I used a medium weight fusible interfacing (cut 2 from the pattern), it gives the little booklet some heft. Gotta protect those paper Benjamin's.

Sew the two long sides of the pieces (right sides facing) together with 1/4" seam allowance, then turn the tube right side out and press.

Not to give out too many details from the rightful owners pattern, here's what I ended up with. Super cute. 

Cute inners too. Yay :)

This little booklet is the one I made to carry around in my very own purse. Ooo tropical...this little booklet fits a regular size check book (or two), but even better that iPhone.

Folds up slim and is great for little purses, big purses, or rock it solo for a night on the town. This thing can hold it all. Use as you wish. Beware of drooling jealous friends. 

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