Saturday, February 5, 2011

Postcards Ahoy

My mailbox has been very sad for a very long time. With the evolution of e-mail, Facebook, etc... I very rarely receive any actual mail. And no, junk mail and bills do not count. So I decided to cheer my mailbox up. The solution...
This clever site has created a haven for people looking to add a little joy to their lives, and receive some handwritten love from a perfect stranger.
Who doesn't love receiving those colorful and unique cards from all around the world. Reminds me of all those glorious pictographs mailed by my grandparents from the random places they would visit.

So far two cards from St. Louis and the other from M√ľnster, Germany.

Writing about my town and lots of other interesting things. This one is headed to Russia!

Finished postcard ready for mailing. This postcard showcases a huge mural on South First St. and is actually titled "Austin Postcard". 

Off to Russia...funny thing was I had written "it might snow tomorrow" on the card...and it did :)
A very rare snow day in Austin, Texas.
So I signed up and sent off my first few postcards. Let me just say that it is just as fun going out to look for postcards to represent my hometown as it is to open the mailbox and find my very first postcard. You know you wanna...get to it!

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