Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mural Mural on the Wall

I took on a big task recently. Painting a friend of a friends nursery for their upcoming baby girl. Really excited about the project, I put all my resources together, dusted off the cobwebs of my mind and put on my thinking cap. We were able to get together and work on some ideas. Ribbon, fabric samples, other murals she'd seen. Mom to be even had a look-book. Pregnancy can be so cute. We started off on the beachy theme.
This was the first idea I came up with, we were going with dots and tropical flowers, something uber-girly. 
Pardon the blurry iPhone photos.
A couple more embellishments and we really had a theme going, until inspiration hit...she wanted preppy/beachy. Here's what we came up with.
 Everything has to start somewhere, with crisp lines and just the right amount of tropical flourishes, we had a template. Now to the fun part, taking it from paper to product. Results... Let me know what you think! 
*Be prepared for some bold color choices*

Ta-Dah! After two weekends of hard work, measuring, painting and "fluffing". We had one cute nursery, one happy mommy-to-be, and one tuckered painter. But it was all worth it.

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