Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Bunny for Big Kids

Easter's Here! You know what that means right? BUNNIES, and puppies dressed as bunnies. 

After 25 dedicated years of being the Easter Bunny for me. I wanted to give back a little bunny love to my parents. That's where this sophisticated easter basket comes into play. After scouring World Market, through some of the best basket fillers out there, I was able to throw together this little number. 

No neon or plastic eggs, just pale, earthy, Eastery colors. 

Fat Tire Beer
• Pinot Grigio
• Tiramisu Dark Chocolate Bar 
• Glass Bead Wine Identifiers
• Southwest and Mediterranean Mixed Nuts
• Werthers's Originals Butterscotch Hard Candies
• Hazelnut and Peanut Butter
• Maple Syrup
• Indonesian Teak Scented Candle
• Asst. Ritter Chocolates

Easter baskets are cool just by themselves but to let the receiver really know you care, get those crafty juices flowing. I simply cut out a cute little bunny silhouette. Sized down from this. Right click and save the Pin Image, it's impossible to find if you follow their link.
Needless to say they enjoyed their basket of goodies. 
I also decided to flex my baking skills. Well sort of... baking from a mix counts right? I found this carrot spice scone mix from Sticky Fingers Bakery. They came out very soft, not what I'm used to for scones, but they tasted delicious. 
Carrot Spice Scone Mix from Sticky Fingers Bakery can be found at World Market. Lots of great seasonal options offered too. 
It's all about presentation, and you can't have scones without tea. I made a nice Jasmine green tea for this mornings delectables. Tea and scones were served on the back patio this Easter morning. Little birds and light breezes. Ahh this is my kind of Easter. 

 Don't they just look scrumptious! Who could resist these powered sugar dusted scones. Yum.
 It was a perfect Easter morning. Oh, and yes, even after 25 years, there were still chocolate eggs hidden around the house for me to find when I came over. Aren't my parents just the cutest. 
Happy Easter Everyone. 

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